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Course curriculum

    1. Facilitator

    1. Supercharge Your Productivity

    2. AI for Idea Generation

    3. AI for Meeting Summaries

    4. AI for Document Drafting, Communication, and Review

    5. AI for Research, Learning, and Analysis

    6. Conclusion

    1. Limitations and Responsible Use

    2. Limitations

    3. Responsible Use

    4. Determining Your AI Risk Profile

    5. Conclusion

    1. Creating the AI Blueprint

    2. Laying the Foundation for a Responsible AI-Driven Future

    3. Creating AI Values Aligned to Your Strategy

    4. Crafting Effective AI Policies

    5. Learning from Leaders: Case Study of IBM

    6. Assignment 1

    1. Center of Excellence

    2. Criteria for Selection

    3. Choosing the Right Structure for Your Center of Excellence

    4. Implementing Your Center of Excellence

About this course

  • Start Any Time
  • Learn at Your Own Pace
  • ~ 3 Hours per Module


  • Pre-requisites

    Significant experience in a leadership role with responsibility for developing and executing organizational strategies. Practical knowledge of strategic planning processes and organizational change management. An understanding of how AI technologies can impact business operations and strategy. A keen interest in the potential of AI to drive innovation, efficiency, and competitive advantage in various business domains.

  • Technical Requirements

    A modern computer (desktop or laptop) with a reliable internet connection, capable of streaming high-quality video content and handling interactive web applications.

  • Software Requirements

    A current web browser, with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox recommended for the best experience with online AI tools. A ChatGPT+ subscription, while not mandatory, is recommended to explore advanced AI features that may be used for strategy development exercises during the course.


Joseph Rosenbaum

Chief Learning Officer

Joseph is the Chief Learning Officer for Synthminds AI. Joseph has spent his career as a STEM and Adult Educator, running the BoSTEM Initiative at United Way for 6 years, prior to developing and running AI courses for Synthminds and YU Global.