Course curriculum

    1. Facilitator

    1. Introduction

    2. Blooms Taxonomy

    3. Gagnes Nine Events of Instruction

    4. Learning Assessments

    5. Mini-Course Blueprint

    6. Assignment 1 Submission

    7. Module 2 Glossary

    1. Introduction

    2. Habits of Instructional Designers

    3. Principles of Graphic Design

    4. Multimedia Principles of E-Learning

    5. Lesson Design: Scenario-Based Learning

    6. Key Takeaways | Practice Skills

    7. Module 3 Glossary

    1. Introduction

    2. Some Advice on Turning Theory Into Practice

    3. Strategies for Motivating Learners

    4. Chunking Content

    5. Storyboarding

    6. Developing Assessments

    7. Final Tips for Learning Activities

    8. Your Mini-Course Assignment

    9. Assignment 2 Submission

    10. Module 4 Glossary

    1. Introduction

    2. What is a Learning Management System?

    3. Course Creation Tools

    4. Video Creation Tools

    5. Animation Creation Tools

    6. Key Takeaways | Practice Skills

About this course

  • Start Any Time
  • Learn at Your Own Pace
  • ~ 3 Hours per Module


  • Pre-Requisites

    A basic understanding of educational theories and corporate training principles. Familiarity with learning objectives, audience analysis, and content structuring is beneficial but not mandatory.

  • Technical Requirements

    A reliable computer with internet access to participate in course activities and access instructional design tools.

  • Software Requirements

    A web browser updated to the latest version for online research and accessing e-learning tools. Learning management system (LMS) software access will be provided, or free/community versions will be used for practical exercises, but you will be required to create an account.