Course curriculum

    1. Facilitator

    1. Introduction

    2. Value Proposition

    3. Branding

    4. Establishing Your Online Social Presence and Identity

    5. Marketing Strategies

    6. Pricing

    7. Key Takeaways

    8. Module 2 Glossary

    1. Introduction

    2. Market Assessment

    3. Market Segmentation

    4. Target Market

    5. Positioning

    6. Key Takeaways

    7. Module 3 Glossary

    1. Introduction

    2. Customer Acquisition

    3. Identify Your Ideal Customers

    4. Refine Your Revenue Model

    5. Customer Journey

    6. Customer Acquisition Skills

    7. Communication With Your Customers

    8. Measure and Improve Strategy

    9. Module 4 Glossary

    10. Key Takeaways

    1. Introduction

    2. Accountability

    3. Metrics and Key Performance Indicators: KPI's

    4. Hiring and Firing

    5. Basic Legal Concepts

    6. Key Takeaways

About this course

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  • Learn at Your Own Pace
  • ~ 2 Hours per Module


  • Pre-Requisites

    A basic understanding of business principles, including but not limited to market analysis, product/service innovation, business model development, and marketing strategies. Familiarity with the concept of a business plan and its importance in the entrepreneurial journey.

  • Technical Requirements

    A reliable computer or laptop with internet access to conduct market research, utilize business planning tools, and access entrepreneurial resources.

  • Software Requirements

    A web browser updated to the latest version for accessing online business platforms and research databases. Office software suite for creating business documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.