Course curriculum

    1. Facilitator

    1. Introduction

    2. Investment Strategies in Real Estate

    3. Advantages and Challenges of Different Investment Strategies

    4. Identifying your Investment Objectives

    5. Quiz

    1. Introduction

    2. Different Financing Methods

    3. Crafting Your Personal Financing Strategy

    4. Creating Your Blueprint for Success

    5. Quiz

    1. Introduction

    2. Key Concepts in Real Estate Market Analysis

    3. Tools and Resources for Market Analysis

    4. Local vs. National Market Trends

    5. Quiz

    1. Access on June 24, 2024

About this course

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  • ~ 3 Hours per Module


  • Pre-Requisites

    A basic understanding of real estate principles, including property types, ownership concepts, and the fundamentals of residential investment. Familiarity with the process of buying and selling property, real estate financing, and market analysis techniques.

  • Technical Requirements

    A computer or laptop with internet access.

  • Software Requirements

    A web browser updated to the latest version. Spreadsheet software (such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets) for financial modeling and investment analysis.