Course curriculum

    1. Facilitator

    1. Intermediate Prompt Engineering

    2. Formatting Prompts

    3. Intermediate Techniques

    4. Other Techniques

    5. Assignment 1

    1. Advanced Prompt Engineering

    2. Variables and Delimiters

    3. Meta Prompting

    4. Multi-Role Prompting

    1. ChatGPT Tools

    2. Web Browsing

    3. DALL-E

    4. Advanced Data Analysis

    5. OpenAI Tools

About this course

  • Start Any Time
  • Learn at Your Own Pace
  • ~ 3 Hours per Module


  • Prerequisites

    An understanding of basic prompt engineering concepts. Experience with Large Language Models, specifically previous versions of ChatGPT. Familiarity with AI and machine learning principles at a beginner level.

  • Technical Requirements

    A personal computer or laptop capable of running the latest web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge. A stable internet connection to ensure smooth video streaming and interaction with the ChatGPT platform.

  • Software Requirements

    No additional software is required, as all work will be performed within the web browser through the ChatGPT platform.

  • Account Requirements

    A valid email address to sign up for the course, and optionally a ChatGPT account if not already in possession of one. A ChatGPT+ subscription is recommended, particularly for accessing the advanced features in the final module of the course. While not mandatory, it will enhance the learning experience and allow for extended interaction with ChatGPT's advanced functionalities.