Course curriculum

    1. Meet Your Facilitators

    1. Decoding the Layers of AI

    2. Introduction to the Fundamentals of AI and Machine Learning

    3. A Symphony of Neurons

    4. Neural Network Architectures

    5. Conclusion

    6. Assignment 1

    1. Large Language Models and Prompt Engineering

    2. From Turing to Transformers

    3. Fundamentals of NLP

    4. Optimization Techniques: Enhancing Model Training

    5. Prompt Engineering

    6. Conclusion

    1. Creative AI

    2. Unveiling the Magic of Sound Synthesis

    3. The Technical Orchestra of Sound Synthesis

    4. Speech-to-Text

    5. Diffusion and Text-to-Image

    6. Under the Hood

    7. Conclusion

    1. Art of the Possible

    2. Limitations and Responsibility

    3. Ethical Considerations and Limitations

    4. Conclusion

About this course

  • Start Any Time
  • Learn at Your Own Pace
  • ~ 4 Hours per Module


  • Pre-Requisites

    No prior knowledge or experience with artificial intelligence is required, making this course suitable for complete beginners.

  • Technical Requirements

    Access to a desktop or laptop computer capable of browsing the internet and streaming online course videos.

  • Software Requirements

    A web browser updated to the latest version (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge) for accessing the course platform and AI tools. A stable and reliable internet connection, preferably with unlimited data usage to freely explore online AI tools and resources.


Joseph Rosenbaum

Chief Learning Officer

Joseph is the Chief Learning Officer for Synthminds AI. Joseph has spent his career as a STEM and Adult Educator, running the BoSTEM Initiative at United Way for 6 years, prior to developing and running AI courses for Synthminds and YU Global.