Course curriculum

    1. Learning Objectives

    2. Introduction to Business Operations and Modern Tools

    3. Impact of Technological Advancements

    4. The Role of AI and Automation in Modern Business Operations

    5. Quiz

    6. The Evolution of Business Operations

    7. Conclusion

    1. Learning Objectives

    2. AI Related Business Challenges

    3. AI Talent and Skills Gap

    4. Business Scenarios

    5. The Role of Automation Tools in Enhancing Operational Efficiency

    6. Potential Challenges and Solutions

    1. Learning Objectives

    2. LLMs as Decision Support Tools

    3. LLMs in Team Management

    4. Navigating Organizational Change with LLMs

    5. AI Leadership Challenge

    6. Challenge Questions

    1. Learning Objectives

    2. The Role of AI in Project Planning

    3. Project Monitoring and Reporting

    4. Project Plan Activity

    5. Activity

    1. Lesson Objectives

    2. Intro to AI Driven Marketing

    3. Quiz

    4. Content Creation with LLMs

    5. Defining and Understanding Customers with AI

    6. AI in Digital Ads and Campaigns

    1. Learning Objectives

    2. Intro to AI in HR

    3. Employee Development and training with LLMs

    4. Enhancing Internal Communications with LLMs

    5. Ethical Considerations and Future Trends

About this course

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  • Learn at your own pace
  • ~ 2 Hours per Module


  • Pre-Requisites

    A foundational understanding of business processes, including operations, marketing, finance, and customer service. Basic knowledge of AI fundamentals, such as what AI is, common uses in business, and potential benefits and challenges.

  • Technical Requirements

    A computer with internet access, capable of streaming instructional videos, accessing online learning materials, and using AI-based tools.

  • Software Requirements

    An updated web browser (Chrome or Firefox recommended) for the best experience on AI platforms and course portals. Access to ChatGPT+ is recommended to gain firsthand experience with advanced AI features, though not mandatory for course completion.